Interactive fiction

As you reach shallow water, you jump off the surfboard and walk ashore. The midday sun burns on your skin, but a cool breeze makes it bearable. Nevertheless, you should seek shade before long.

Half buried in the sand, you see a message in a bottle.

> read message

(first picking up the bottle)

You pull out the cork stopper and unfold the enclosed paper. It reads:

I find myself too busy to do much reading and writing these days, which unfortunately also means I'm quite out of touch with the interactive fiction community. Hence you should be aware that most of these pages have not been updated since 2004.
— Søren

What should you, the anonymous web surfer, do now?

The shrieks of seagulls blend with the periodic thunder of the waves, as you make your way across the searing sand. Ahead, you see a number of paths leading away from the beach.

The ifMUD

> xyzzy

A hollow voice speaks:

Back in 2003, I made a number of maps of the ifMUD, available here for your viewing pleasure.

I also used to be a rather active builder on ifMUD. The following pages document some of my experiments with JotaCode, the scripting language of ifMUD.

External links

> south

(first picking up the surfboard)

As you pick up your surfboard, you ponder the question: Where should you head next?

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