My games

I've written a couple of SpeedIF games, although I've never quite managed to finish them on time.

You will need a TADS 3 interpreter to run these games. Interpreters are available for DOS, Windows, Unix. As an alternative, you can grab a bundled version of the game, that is, a Windows program, ready to run.

If you play any of these games, consider rating them at Interactive Fiction Ratings.

Evil Brain Five

The 5th Anniversary Speed-IF premise should be the 5th in a series possibly in a casino, with a made up famous actor, a cloak, a murder weapon, a flowery hat, and rain. Additional items might be Guiness, Wood or Silverware gifts, a partially functional dial, a brain in a fishbowl, a magical box, and candy. Your games may take any amount of time to create, but should be sent to me at the time that the IF Comp games are released (or earlier if you complete your game).

Case solved. Cute ending. – David Welbourn, connoisseur of Interactive Fiction and cheese.

Nominated for a Xyzzy Awards 2003 nomination.

Three Doors

In three hours or less, write a work of IF about a nightmarish game show, in which the contestant is presented a small number of doors to choose from. Behind each door lies a prize, or a monster, or nothing. Bonus points for including a flying elephant or the phrase "a random number of dollars." You may start whenever you want, as long as you're done by 8 AM MUDtime on Tuesday, Sep. 16. Sign below with the URL of your game. Go!

Only took me 12 hours of non-stop coding to complete this one. (Ow.)

I don't see the riches promised in the prologue. Darn. – David Welbourn.

Great Zimbabwe

Write a game whose intro text includes a haiku summarizing a well-known IF game, but which could equally apply to the game that follows. (Try to avoid major spoilers). Extra points for including apricots, a frontier psychiatrist, Great Zimbabwe, victimless crime, the couched Brazilian jaguar, or a word that you made up by combining two other words. Sign below when done. GO!

Indiana Jones puzzle

Akin to something out of Indiana Jones, you stand before a contraption that is essentially a set of scales.
You possess 3 gold, 3 silver, and 3 copper coins. Each type of coin has a different weight. You also have a coin bag.
On one scale sits an ornate antiquity. The other scale is empty.

This is a simple demo of how a puzzle like the one described can be created in TADS 3. The example contains numerous fancy code fragments that aren't strictly necessary for the puzzle, but they are all marked as such. The game will probably provide little entertainment value for anyone but TADS 3 authors.

> put three gold coins, two silver and one copper into the bag on the right scale

SpeedIF of Destiny or nothing, punk

Make a Public Information Broadcast - type SpeedIF in order to inform, protect and educate our worthy but woefully ignorant citizens. Extra points for including God's motorcycle, a copy of 'The Rules', an angry mob, the dew fairies, a lobster magnet, a camel or a mirror. Sign below when done. Go!

A rather belated, and very buggy, SpeedIF entry. The connection between the game and the SpeedIF premise was cut due to time contraints. In short: This is bad. (Hence the position on this page.)