Name methods reference

Note: This list is (obviously) for the English language module (en_us). Other language modules will probably have different methods.

Name properties

The basic property-values you have to fill in are:

name = 'name of object'  
isPlural = nil / true  
isMassNoun = nil / true A word like 'snow' or 'clothes'.
isHim = nil / true  
isHer = nil / true  
isProperName = nil / true A word like 'Bob'. (No article is prepended.)

The isXXX values all default to nil.

Name methods

Once those 6 values are correct, you get all these wonderful methods to play with:

isIt !(isHim || isHer)
countName(count) (count) (pluralName) (e.g. "five coins")
itVerb(verb) (itNom) (conjugateRegularVerb)
nameVerb(verb) (theName) (conjugateRegularVerb)
conjugateRegularVerb(verb) alters the verb to fit object. (E.g. 'dance' -> 'dances'.)
itNom it they
itObj it them
itPossAdj its their
itPossNoun its theirs
itReflexive itself themselves
thatNom that those
thatObj that those
itIs it is they are
itIsContraction it's they're
verbToBe is are
verbWas was were
verbToHave has have
verbEndingS s -
verbEndingEs es -
verbEndingIes ies y
theName the (name)
theNameObj (theName)
theNamePossAdj (theName)'s (theName)'
theNamePossNoun (theName)'s (theName)'
theNameWithOwner (owner)'s (name)
childInName(childName) (childName) in (theName)
childInNameWithOwner(childName) (childName) in (owner)'s (name)
theNameOwnerLoc(ownerPriority) (owner)'s (name) OR (theName) in (location)
ownerPriority should be nil or true.
countNameOwnerLoc(cnt, ownerPriority) (owner)'s (countName) OR the (countName) in (location)
aName a/an/some (name)
aNameObj (aName)
pluralName (name)s
nameIs (theName) (verbToBe), e.g. 'the box is'.
nameIsnt (nameIs)n't